How to find your Lost Smartphone? Follow these methods, even a closed phone will be tracked, know

If your smartphone is lost or stolen by someone, then we have some easy tricks for you, by following which you can easily track your phone. These tricks are for both iPhone and Android devices.

In today's time, we all depend on our smartphones for so many things that if our phone is lost or stolen from us, then our world will stop.

Today we have brought some such tricks for you, with the help of which you will be able to track your lost smartphone easily, even when the phone is switched off.

Do this work immediately after losing the phone

If your phone is lost or stolen by someone, first of all try calling your phone number, you may find it somewhere nearby.

It may also happen that a good person has found your lost phone and you can reach it by matching the phone. Try to have a password on your phone so that it is a bit difficult to access and gives you time to find it too.

iPhone users to track such phones

If you are an iPhone user and have lost your phone, first of all activate 'Lost Mode' on another device by logging in with your Apple ID or you can also use Apple's 'Find my iPhone' feature .

With the help of 'Find My Network', you can track your phone up to 24 hours after it is switched off. If you do not have another Apple device, you can also use these features by going to

Android users should use this feature

If you are not an iPhone but an Android user and your phone is missing, then you can use the 'Find my device' feature in Android Device Manager to find it.

Keep in mind that Android device's location tracking service will only work if your phone's GPS feature is turned on, otherwise this feature is of no use. You can also try to locate your phone by signing in to ''.

By doing this, you will see the option of 'Lost Phone', with the help of which you can easily track the phone and also delete the data.

This way, you can easily track down and try to locate your smartphone, whether you have an Android device or an Apple device.a

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