How to Remove Footprints from the application ?

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How to Remove Footprints from the application

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So nowadays we signup many of the website and apps and they save for data in their databases, so here are to tell you about some interesting facts from where you can delete/unscribe the pages and ask the company to delete your data.

Just need to flow some of the steps to get this done, just simply we need to signup in one of the online tool sites once signup is done and sometimes you are at the page welcome aboard but you are unable to click on get started do one thing's go to your mail id and open the mine signup mail.

and click on the checkbox "show me mine" it will redirect you directly to the page. Where you can the explore the page  they have divided the website/application in sort of the section.

Click on option see all or select which you want to reclaim here you will see if site compromise and data get breached which personal data get breached of ours 

Once you clicked on the reclaim some of the information will be shown type of data you have shared  what are there potential in breached. Just you need to click on reclaim, After that a email will get generated and it will send from your email through this app. (Read it once 😅)

So after that you can check the my reclaim also where you will get to know how many you have initiated.

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