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How to activate DND services on Airtel, Vi, Reliance Jio

If you are sick of receiving random spam calls from telemarketers, promoters, etc to advertise or sell their products, then the best option we think we have is blocking that particular phone number and almost every smartphone comes with this feature.

But, if you receive too many such calls, it can become a cumbersome task for you to block each and every phone number and that’s never will be enough.

TRAI or Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has made it a mandate for telecom service providers in India to offer Do Not Disturb services (DND) to users allowing them to block and get rid of all promotional calls at once.

Wondering how to enable DND for you phone number, here are the steps you need to follow:

Before that there are two ways to do that – using SMS and via Phone call. In this guide we will tell you both the methods. Also, TRAI has made it simpler for all telecom network users. So irrespective of what telecom SIM you are using the process to activate DND will be the same.


Active SIM card registered with any network.

SMS service

Steps to activate DND service on your phone number

Method 1: Using SMS

1. Head to the 'Messaging app' on your phone.

2. Create a new message and type START 0 (all in caps)

3. Send it to 1909

Method 2: Using call

1. Open the dialer of your phone

2. Dial 1909 and follow the instructions to activate the DND services.


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