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Cinematic Photos and how does this feature work in Google Photos ?

Cinematic photos are one of those features that is available in the Google Photos app and can convert ordinary photos into moving photos which looks more brilliant and realistic. This feature that gives your saved photos a whole new look, was announced in 2020 and was released in 2021 by Google Giant. The idea is to imitate scenes that are usually found in a movie by adding layers to the photo and moving those individual layers away from each other.

The effect adds a kind of cinematic look to the photos. This feature is less exciting than some of the other features Google offers as you can’t add music or add multiple photos together to create an animation. We have reviewed Google Photos ’Cinematic Photos below, about how they work and other details.

How does this Cinematic Photos work?

Google gives all the credit for this effect to its machine learning programme. Google’s AI can figure out how to divide the photo into different layers by using data like what’s in focus and what’s not. The tech giant also confirms that the actual photo doesn't need to have depth data as the layers are determined totally through machine learning.

A 3D picture is created by animating a virtual camera after the layers are added, which gives each photo a unique look even if the source image is in 2D. This feature has been improved by Google since its release as presently whenever Google’s AI develops a Cinematic photo, it fills in the gaps that are there between the layers. This upgrade was recently added to the app that allows the virtual camera to move around independently and give the image a wider coverage.

Can users create Cinematic photos?

Sadly, there is no way for users to create a Cinematic photo manually. Cinematic photos can only be created by the AI and the selection of the image is totally the decision of Google Photos.

The reason for this can be the heavy processing it needs to create the layers, fill in the gaps, and even animate multiple layers of photo data.

Although Cinematic photos cannot be created but the ones that the AI creates can be saved by the users. It is anticipated of Google Photos to create some Cinematic photos for its users if the app is kept updated regularly. When you open the app, the Cinematic photos can be found at the top of the. Google also sends push notifications to let its users know whenever a cinematic photo is created.

Users can save these pictures by tapping the Save cinematic photo button that can be found at the bottom of these photos. Saved images can be found in the Saved creations options of the Search tab in Google Photos. Some other custom creations that are available in Google Photos can also be found on in this section

Cinematic photos in Google Photos can’t be manually created, yet it is a neat addition to the app. Users can take several portraits and might likely find some of these photos to pop up in your Google Photos app.


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