How to use VPN on Google Chrome

These days we have seen many countries has been facing a lot of cyberattacks, according to multiple online reports by various organizations. Hackers and attackers have become more advanced in planning and creating these cyberattacks. People are suffering from these ransomware, spyware, worms and viruses which can extract information from internet users.

VPN, a Virtual Private Network provides a safer mode for people to surf the web securely. It offers privacy and data security. A VPN hides the IP address of your computer and where you are located. All the websites you visit will see the VPN’s IP address instead of yours.

VPN also protects your internet traffic with data encryption and does not let anyone spy on you.

Here is how you can add a VPN extension to your Google Chrome browser and enable it:

1). Open Google Chrome browser.

2). Click on the Apps icon in the bookmark bar.

3). Click on the Web Store.

4). Search for VPN in the Web Store.

5). Click on the VPN you want to download and click on add to chrome.

6). Click on add extension when prompted.

7). Click on the VPN on the extension bar and start the VPN.

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