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Do you have a New PC or Highly Configured PC but unable to pass the Windows 11 Upgrade test? Then this article for you and this will help you to grab the new free OS upgrade.

Windows 10 users can upgrade to Windows 11 for free, but only if your PC passes a test that your system is Ready for upgrade.

Microsoft has recently launched all new system checkup tool to find out if your System is ready for the free new Windows 11 upgrade. The test isn't straightforward and many users are confused when their newer PCs or the users having good configuration PCs don't pass the test. The common villain seems to be a TPM which is a chip designed to secure your PC.

Windows 11 needs Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 in order to run. TPMs are generally integrated right into your motherboard, but AMD has a firmware-based TPM in Ryzen CPUs that can be enabled. To see what version TPM your system has, simply:

  • Open Command Prompt using CTRL+R and Type “cmd” and Enter Run.
  • After this Type "tpm" in your Command Prompt.
  • Under TPM Manufacturer Information, check and see what Specification Version is listed (2.0 is required)

If you have TPM 2.0 and still can't pass the test with an AMD build, you'll want to check your BIOS settings and enable fTPM.

This is generally in the CPU tab, and be sure to use your ‘BIOS' search setting if it has one.

Save & Exit, restart, and try the test again. You should pass it.

Originally, I had also failed the test, but was able to pass it after I took these steps.

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