How to link your passport number to Covid-19 vaccination certificate

Travelling abroad? You will need to get your passport attached to your vaccination certificate. Vaccination certificates have become the new mandatory requirement to travel abroad. Though so far there are no set norms globally for exemptions for vaccinated travellers and most countries have their own rules and regulations, but one thing is clear that: No vaccination, no international travel. So, this makes it as important for those planning a trip abroad to link their passports to the vaccine certificate as to get the vaccination.

While, till a month back the facility to link passports to vaccine certificates was restricted to those travelling abroad for official purposes, education or jobs, it is now available for all citizens of the country.

The government has enabled the support for linking passport numbers to vaccination certificates online. For those wondering how to go about this, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Go to and login with your credentials

2. Select raise an issue

3. Select the passport option

4. Select the person from the drop-down menu

5. Enter passport number

6. Submit

Readers must note that they will need to have the same name in their passport as in the vaccination certificate to do this process of linking.

Also, there is an option to get your name changed in the vaccination certificate in case if there is an error after producing the due proofs. However, this option is available only once so people need to be very careful while using it and ensure that all changes are done at one point in time.


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