PUBG's popularity in danger, game named Valheim is giving competition, learn all about it.

Valheim is a Viking-themed survival game, released on Steam Early Access on 2 February. Within two weeks of launch, the game had sold 2 million copies.

Valheim is a new name in the gaming zone, which has become very popular. The popularity of the game may not be like of PUBG, but it cannot be underestimated too. This survival game has topped the Steam chart. Valheim game was released on the 2nd of February and the game is still on Early Access, but still managed to acquire more than 3.6 million concurrent players on the game on Steam in two weeks after just launch.

According to SteamCharts, this Viking-themed survival game is more popular than any other multiplayer games. Surprisingly, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranks fourth on Valheim Steam's "Top Games (By Current Players)" chart, after GTA 5 and Dota 2. Let us know that according to SteamChart, PUBG took three months to acquire the equivalent of Valheim (a maximum of 3.6 lakh) concurrent players.

Valheim Is a Viking-themed survival game, released on Steam Early Access on 2 February. Within fortnight of launch, the sport had sold 2 million copies. The online PC game is often purchased through Steam for Rs 529. Currently, the game is only available on PC. Valheim is meant by independent Swedish game developer Iron Gate AB. It is an open-world survival and crafting game. One of the explanations for Valheim's popularity is its easy gameplay mechanism. Notes Sparse's musical notes, impressive lighting, and water effects keep you engrossed in Norse fantasy.

In the game, you are dropped alone in a small area of forest. The game is often played both in single-player and co-op PvE mechanics. In PvE, you'll play with up to 10 players. If you are new, playing with a group is beneficial, as you play with strategy and you get a chance to improve your skills. Because it's a survival game, skills are an important part. In the game, you have to hunt other Creatures and Animals to stay alive. Woods and other materials have to be collected. If you like survival-themed games like PUBG, then you must like Valheim.

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